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It's Simple...

Did you pay for something this week with your credit or debit card?  If you did, then you paid more than you should have.

When you register up to any four of your existing VISA/MC credit or debit cards FREE at our secure website, you will receive a refund of a portion of the price you pay for anything you buy at any participating Consumer FIRST merchant.

Did you get that?  You pay NOTHING and you get money back!

When you register your existing VISA/MC cards at our secure website, Help will also get a portion of the price you pay at any Consumer FIRST merchant. Better still, if a merchant is an Help Affinity Merchant, Help will ALSO receive a portion of the price paid by any Consumer FIRST registered card holder who shops with that merchant.

You're not paying extra, it costs nothing to register... It's FREE.   More Details!   

How Do I Get My Refund?    How Do I Shop?    How To Become a Merchant?    How To Register Your Card?

  How To Register Your Card How It Works Home